Underground Leak Detection

Underground Leak Detection

Leak detection made easy

Sometimes water leaks are apparent, and sometimes they will hide away for years. Often they are so small that they will not draw attention until the problem is severe. Please pay close attention to your water meter to ensure it is not running when you do not have water in your house or building. Also, please pay attention to any wet or flooded areas or any pools of water that form or keep forming after you clean them. Underground leaks commonly flood lower levels and ground flooring, which compromises foundations. While it may be tempting to try to figure the issue out on their own, Utah Leak Detection wants to make the process easy and pain-free for our home or business owners. Call us today to have a tech come out and diagnose your leak.

How to determine if you have a leak

When to call us

The largest benefit to using leak detection specialists is the equipment and knowledge they bring to the job. When an underground leak occurs is it usually due to a damaged pipe, a cracked water main or compromised sewer main. At Utah Leak Detection our techs specialize in the best ultrasonic equipment on the market to pinpoint where the leak is occurring. We will accurately dig up and replace the damaged pipe with as little disturbance to your property as possible. Better yet, when we have finished your yard will look exactly the way it did before we arrived, guaranteed.