Carbon Monoxide Leak Detection

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide is insanely dangerous since it is an odorless, colorless gas that our senses cannot detect. Dangerous amounts of this gas can build up indoors without us knowing until we become ill. Unresolved Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and should always be taken seriously. Check pilot lights to ensure the flame is blue, not yellow, and is not continually going out. Make sure you have an annual check done by one of our professionals to ensure all of your equipment is running smoothly. Check your carbon monoxide detectors to confirm they are still working, or add one to your home if you do not already have one.


Carbon Monoxide Sources in your Home

Below are common fuel-burning appliances and devices:

How to Stay Safe

Keeping you and your family safe from Co poisoning is easy.

Although CO can go unnoticed, there are some potential signs of a CO issue. Streaks of sooks around appliances, absence of an upward chimney draft, excess moisture on walls or windows, rusting flue pipes, orange or yellow flame, or damaged and discolored bricks at the top of your chimney are all signs of potential CO problems. Keep your family safe and call us at your first sign of a Carbon Monoxide leak.