Swimming Pools & Hot Tub Leak Detection

Pool & Hot Tub Leaks

Utah has roughly 21,000 residential pools. Pools are an investment that can range anywhere from $25,000 to $70,000+. Pools are made of concrete, vinyl, gunite, or fiberglass, but small structural cracks can become more than cosmetic regardless of what your pool is made out of, and become problematic in the future.


Signs you have a Leak

Pool and hot tub leaks can vary from microscopic to obvious. Here are some signs you may have a leak:

When diagnosing and repairing pool leaks, it is beneficial to vacuum and clean out your poof beforehand. Debris and dust in your pool can hide large leaks. Ensure your pool is filled to the expected level of water, and have the water quality be as clear as possible (if able to clear the mildew or algae that has infested it).

Hot Tub Repair

Hot tubs are a fun luxury until they stop working. Maybe your jets won’t turn on, or the water has started looking discolored or murky. However, just because hot tubs are above the ground doesn’t mean they are immune to cracks or leaks. Leaky circulation pump seals, faulty valves, or jet issues are widespread hot tub issues. Depending on materials and proper maintenance, your hot tub can last anywhere from 5-20 years. Contact Utah Leak Detection today for any hot tub-related questions or services.

Common problems: