Ground Water Removal

Ground Water Removal

Detecting Leaks

Groundwater leaks can be caused by a variety of different things, including but not limited to: improper installation of plumbing and fixtures, cracked or corroded pipes, and faulty septic systems. They can also be caused by natural phenomena such as earthquakes or floods. Your water meter can also detect groundwater leaks on its indicator. Checking your property for cracked foundation or pavement, wet spots near pipes or water fixtures, your irrigation system, or irregular lawn growth can help to notice if you have a leak or are about to have one.

Groundwater leaks are generally fixed by replacing plumbing or fixtures, repairing cracked or corroded pipes, or pumping out and cleaning up any contaminated groundwater. Contact our team of specialists today to receive the correct repair for your groundwater removal needs.

Risks and Factors of Underground Leaks

Older homes can be a fun way to create your own home exactly how you want it. However, old homes have more risk of rusting or clogged pipes that can eventually burst or corrode, causing an underground leak. Depending on when the home was built, your underground lines can be harder to access and can become costly very quickly. Our team has the knowledge and skills to find your water lines in older homes.

Trees are beneficial to our ecosystem. Without trees, our quality of life wouldn’t be the same. Trees are sometimes planted near or around water lines, which can be a severe hazard as they mature. Tree roots can penetrate or block your water and sewer lines. When renovating your yard, looking up trees that are safer to plant over water pipes is important. If you already have trees that have penetrated or broken a water line, call us, and our team can quickly solve the issue.

Depending on where you are in the world or what you prefer your yard to look like, sprinkler systems are a key part of your yard. Whether your irrigation system starts gushing, creating uneven patches of grass that grow at different rates, fungus, flooded areas, or poor drainage, call Utah Leak Detection today to have one of our specialists come out, assess, and repair the problem.

Faulty plumbing is sadly most common in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and basement. It is important to check any appliances for proper drainage and usage regularly. You may also notice strange sounds of water trickling, bubbling, or gurgling, which can indicate in these rooms that there may be a problem. Ensure you are checking your basements and appliances annually or whenever you are near for any visible water damage while keeping your ears out for anything that sounds strange.