Residential Leak Location.​

Water leaks are a common household problem and can be challenging to detect. It’s important to contact a specialist when you think there is a leak in your home. Our technicians use cutting-edge technology to locate the leak in your home. They will thoroughly inspect for wet or moist areas on the floor, walls, or ceilings. Our technicians will then use various methods to determine where the leak is, explain what is happening, and prevent the leak from coming back. Whether your leak is behind walls, underground, or feet below the surface where your sewer or water main is, Utah Leak Detection is here for you!

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Water, Sewer and Gas Leak Location.

Leaks in your home can range from annoying to incredibly dangerous. Water leaks are usually the most unmistakable sign of an issue within your home due to the signs water leaks show. Sewer and gas leaks can be more challenging to locate and resolve. Sewer leaks can be found by standing water, strange smells, or gurgling noises. However, sewer leaks are harder to detect because the gas and liquid escape together, making it harder to pinpoint the source. Gas leaks are hazardous and even explosive, with possible hissing or whistling sounds, bubbles, dust, or clouds in standing water, or even house plants suddenly dying. It is critical to call us at the first sign of a leak in your home.

Commercial Leak Repair.

When owning multi-units or large square foot businesses with intricate plumbing, it can be stressful to ensure all lines work as they should and stay safe for the company and customers. Whether owning apartments, storefronts, restaurants, government buildings, or grocery stores, Utah Leak Detection can help!

Businesses of all sizes can trust Utah Leak Detection for quality service. Utah Leak Detection guarantees always to be prepared, efficient, and fast. Our technicians will use top quality equipment that will minimize invasive practices, keeping your property clean and clear while figuring out the issue.







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